Pin Type Moisture Meters


Model MT270

Range 4% - 30% Analog Meter

  A classic design, incorporating a precision analog meter with a single scale marked from 4% to 30%. Built-in spring steel pins. Simplicity itself to use: just push the button on the front panel and the needle points to the measured moisture content. Also provided is a combined battery tester and calibration check resistor, together with extension leads and clips. A pocket-sized tester with truly professional performance, and one of our most popular products. Size 4.4 x 3.2 x 2.0 inches.




Model MT808 As Used By Agriculture Canada

Range 4% - 100%, Microprocessor

For the version with plug-in Corn Probe Click Here

For discerning woodworkers who demand performance, precision, and power.

Power: Wide range 4% to 100% with pushbutton corrections for wood temperature and 200 wood species. Fast and easy to use--final reading in less than one second. Large LCD display of moisture, species, temperature.

Precision: Digital readout in 0.1% steps below 10%, in 1% steps above 10%. Auto ranging: five separate moisture scales covering 4% to 100%! Auto zeroing: superb accuracy guaranteed even for the dryest wood. Self calibrating: automatic adjustments made every few seconds.

Performance: Software correction for 27 wood groups covering 200 individual species, and compensation for wood temperatures from freezing to boiling. Built-in spring steel pins. Flashing low battery warning. Size 5.6 x 3.3 x 1.5 inches.

Model MT808 & Extension Leads
As Seen In American Woodworker Magazine
June 2002